Gold And Silver Plated Trump Coin


(29 customer reviews)
  • ☀ Highest quality craftsmanship. Worthy of any collection.
  • ☀ Excellent gift items… any real patriot would love this coin!
  • ☀ SIZE – 1.5 Inches in Diameter and 1/8 inch thick. These are sizable coins, made to impress.
  • ☀ QUALITY – “Proof-like” quality maintained inside a complementary plastic case.
  • ☀ RISK FREE – Full and complete 60 Day Back Guarantee. If you are unhappy, you can request a full refund in the first 60 days.
  • ☀ Free Shipment Insurance & Lifetime Warranty Replacement Plan To Protect Your Investment!
  • ☀ Made in USA
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29 reviews for Gold And Silver Plated Trump Coin

  1. Evans kiruu

    Wow ❣️

  2. Nadia Lapointe

    Magnifique ,biens plus qu’une pièce !

  3. Jens Aspelmeier

    is it possible to deliver those coins to germany ?

    • Admin


  4. Peggy Montgomery

    Love them…

  5. Hitoshi Taniguchi

    Thanks to President Trump and Lady Melania

  6. Hitoshi Taniguchi

    I am grateful to President Trump as a Japanese

  7. Jeanne Cavataio

    Can’t wait to make a contribution to the plan

  8. Catherine Robinson Rice

    I bought 4 all I can afford now
    I would buy 21 more if i could afford it
    God bless

  9. Katie Klenner

    Received my first order of 5, beautiful and love the weight they have.

  10. Fede

    Is possibile ti ship ti Italy?

  11. Nick Desloges

    It’s the same coin that the value Will skyrocket or only collection coin

    • Admin


  12. Federico

    Is it possible to ship to Italy?

    • Admin


  13. Nathalie roumani (verified owner)

    Is it possible to ship to France?
    It s Trump coin officiel ?

    • Admin

      yes and yes





  16. Allen Howdeshell

    I bought some of the coins, and love being part of History

  17. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    I received the first 13 playing card coins safely.
    Thank you very much.

  18. lospochos8

    I am so happy bcoz I received my first Gold Bill note and my Q coin , thanks LAST USA NEWS for making this possible .,🤩🇺🇸🥳🇺🇸

  19. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    I can’t log in anymore.
    Please reset your password.

  20. Huong (verified owner)

    Hi admin
    Please check and response my order 4102 on 05th Oct 2021 ship to Vietnam.
    Thank you

  21. Denisa (verified owner)

    Hi recived all thanks so much!you made my day😍today i order 2more.

  22. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    This is a fake coin.
    I ordered a total of 40, but only received the first 13.

  23. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    The second order didn’t come in, but the third batch of 10 was sent from China.

  24. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    I don’t think I will get a refund if I send it back since it is different from the first delivery source.
    It is too vicious.

  25. Yoshio Itou (verified owner)

    I bought 17 copies for the second time and still have not received them.
    Please refund me as soon as possible.

  26. Chris M

    Even though I understand the point of creating a cash flow with this coin to help the cause. I am unable to buy this coin. If it was pure silver .999 I may be interested. I am a Trump supported and have donated directly. I can’t buy these. I am a precious metal collector. I will donate directly.

  27. Denisa (verified owner)

    Hi recieved today second time!im so glad thaks

  28. Нигора

    Возможно ли доставка в Россию? А именно в Москву!
    А то на другом сайте было только для граждан США.
    Весь мир держит кулаки за Трампа!!!

    • Admin


  29. Robert

    I received my 25 coins they’re the best looking coins out of all the coins out in the world love them

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Gold And Silver Plated Trump Coin