STATEMENT: The GOP Is Now The Party Of Grifters And Kooks

The latest statement of Juan Williams was quite shocking, loud, and clear!

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Some old-school Republicans are probably turning in their graves since the Party has come to this. Pity one – time donations, small deals, and financial embezzlement.

Not to mention turning sides and playing behind Trump’s back with some powerful and wealthy Democrats – such as Mitch McConnell did.

“If you UNCHECK this box for recurring donations, we will have to tell Trump you’re a DEFECTOR & sided with the Dems,” says the National Republican Congressional Committee’s donation page on WinRed, the key platform for conservative online fundraising.

And according to the newspaper’s report,

“According to depositions made public at a National Rifle Association (NRA) bankruptcy hearing last week, NRA President Wayne LaPierre hid on a 108-foot yacht after school children died in mass shootings. The boat’s owner is tied to a fundraising firm paid $11.5 million by the NRA in 2019.”

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So all those donations that people thought would go to support the Second Amendment – PUF!- vanished at the same time as the sole idea of those promises!

“He previously admitted to using his donors’ money to buy expensive suits. He is also alleged to have given no-show contracts to his pals and written a $17 million post-employment contract for himself,” the report continued.

I shall conclude this article with a citation I have read on The Hill:

“In fact, it pains me to see the cancerous gang of grifters, white supremacists, and conspiracy-theory mad hatters who are killing the party of conservative principles.”

Since I’m so…disappointed and disguised from the whole mess in politics, and the fact it is taking over the personal lives and peace of many Americans – these are my last words regarding this SAD subject…

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